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  • Husvik Grave Book

    The Husvik Grave Book was discovered in the station office at Husvik in the 1970's by British Antarctic Survey personnel. Bob Headland made a copy of the information in it before entrusting it to the Scott Polar Research Institute library for safekeeping. The pages here are from digital photographs of a copy that was made at SPRI and is held in the South Georgia Museum.

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  • Register of Deaths

    The Register of Deaths was started by magistrate J Innes Wilson, with the first entry in 1910. The first two entries are copies of entries on separate forms, which are both pasted into the book at the beginning. There are 195 entries, the last being made  in 1962.

    The book itself is in the Falkland Islands, and the pictures here are of a photocopy that was made in 2010 by the Falkland Islands Registrar, John Rowland.

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