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John Anderson grave marker placement

John Anderson Grave Marker Placement

In March 2018, during the SGHT Rodent Monitoring project that completed the eradication project, a visit to Prince Olav Harbour enabled the replica grave marker for John Anderson's grave on pig point to be placed in the correct position. The replica had been placed a few metres away due to fur seal activity at the time, but fortunately a pipe had been used to  mark the correct spot, and a photograph of the original marker allowed the replica to be correctly aligned.

Fridjof Nansen shipreck of 1906 - Information

Thanks to Jan-Erik Poulsbo-Mo, who has researched information about some of the men lost when the whaling factory ship Fridjof Nansen sank in 1906.

Ben Hodges ashes scattered

The ashes of Ben Hodges were scattered at Hope Point on 23 November 2017.

Ashes of Henry Worsley

Information about the ashes of Henry Worsley, buried at Grytviken December 2017.

Biographical Information about Carl Edvardsen at Ocean Harbour

Many thanks to correspondent Bente for some information from the Norwegian archives about Carl Edvardsen, buried in Ocean Harbour in 1920.

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