Born:Norway, 27 December 1899
Died:7 November 1914
Age:14 or 20
Grave Ref:6
Register of Deaths:29
Husvik Grave book:Page 3

The Husvik Grave Book tells us that Kjell died on board the Orwell, a factory ship that worked whalers at Signy in the South Orkneys and continued in use at Husvik until 1953. [Bonner]

The register of Deaths has his age as 20, whereas the dates on his headstone imply that he was only 14. Close inspection of the headstone shows that the date of death has been changed at some time – a rectangular section of the concrete has been cut out and a new section put in, with the new lettering. At that time the word “Иotero” was added below in a similar manner. This could be a mis-spelling of the Norwegian area Nøtterøy, in Vestfold, where many whalers came from.

Kjell Kristoffersen’s grave
Kjell Kristoffersen’s grave marker detail
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