Leith Old Cemetery (Jericho)


The Leith (Old) cemetery is the older of the two cemeteries associated with the Leith whaling station. It sits in the middle of the abandoned whaling station. At the time it was used, however, the station was located a few hundred metres further North and the cemetery would have been on a bare hillside. A landslide buried part of the original station, hence its nickname ‘Jericho’. Once the station was moved to the site, a new cemetery – the main one – was started across the river to the south. Its location in the middle of the collapsing station means that it is subject to damage from wind-blown debris.


CoordinatesDecimal DegreesDegrees and Decimal Minutes
Latitude-54.141454° 08.480′ S
Longitude-37.6873037° 41.238′ W


The cemetery is inside the Leith Harbour Prohibited Area, declared by the Government in 2010 to prevent access to the dangerous station site.

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