Name GULLIKSEN, Ole Martin
Born Norway 13 July 1893
Died 17 March 1913
Age 19
Cemetery Godthul
Grave Ref 1
Register 19
SPRI Ref 1228/17/8;D

The SPRI records tell us that Gulliksen died on board the 'Thor I' which was at Godthul. He was struck on the head by a wooden toggle (knovel), which jumped out of the hole in the strip of blubber they were raising up onto the factory ship.

A relative of Anders Knudsen wrote and told us:

I have found some more informations about Ole Martin Gulliksen, where he was born,baptized, etc. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister in Norway, living in a place called Modum.


Photo courtesy of the Halvorsen family/Harald Nilsen



The grave site rediscovered by Dion Poncet (pictured) during the Historic Sites Survey in 2006/7. Photo courtesy of Ken Passfield and South Georgia Surveys.


Exposed part of wooden structure at the gravesite. Possibly the cross?