Site Updates

A new option on the CEMETERY OPTIONS menu, which is displayed at the right of most screens, allows site visitors to send me a message by email.

An email from his granddaughter gives us some information about Michael Smith's life, which has been added to his page here

The options for each cemetery, on the options menu at the right of the screen,  now include the opportunity to go to the cemetery using Google Maps.

There is also a Google maps map with all the cemeteries and burial sites.

The existing links that use Google Earth are still there but you need to download the Google Earth program and install it on your computer.

Information about Olaf Olsen in Grytviken Cemetery, from the diary of Frank Hurley, Shackleton's photogrpher.

In 2010 Karl Heed's grave in Grytviken was refurbished by Hugh Marsden of the museum team. The grave surround was recast and the lettering was painted in with black paint.