Site Updates from Original Website


The following updates were made to the original version of this website, which was replaced in October 2010.

02/06/2010 Added info about Anders Olsen in Leith Main cemetery grave D4.
25/01/2009 Added info about Grytviken graves found by Nordenskjold in 1902, with photo.
24/01/2009 Added family information about Eric Einar Palmer-Rimpilä at Grytviken.
Added Pallbearers information for Sir Ernest Shackleton.
Updated link for Gary Green.
22/06/08 Consolidated menus on all pages (Part I).
19/01/2008 Added photographs of the rediscovered Godthul grave of Ole Martin Gulliksen, courtesy Ken Passfield.
13/12/2006 Updated contact email address
Added information about an early grave at Elsehul/Undine Harbour 1928
Added photograph of Felix Artuso‘s funeral (1982)
Added photograph of Shackleton‘s grave in 1923
Added photographs of Prince Olav Harbour Graves, Courtesy of Ken Passfield.
19/06/2006 Added information about the Sandefjord Memorial Chapel
Added another photo of Ole Hansen‘s funeral (Grytviken 1930).
Added some pictures of Shackleton‘s funeral and memorial
Added a picture of a funeral at Husvik.
Added a little info and a web link for the memorial to Sig. G.P.Green
Added photographs of Hans Jurgen Rasmussen Lie‘s funeral, Husvik 1914
08/06/2006 Added a little biographical info about Oddmund Klevjer
Added Photograph of Ole Martin Gullicksen‘s grave at Godthul
Added Biographical notes for Einar Sveinungsen
Added Biographical notes and photograph of William Barlas
06/06/2006 Added photographs of Ole Hansen‘s funeral
17/03/2006 Fixed error in navigation for grave H03
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