Site Updates

Thanks to a family member for sending a photograph and some biographical informatiion about James Hutchison, who died in Leith in 1946.

In December 2014, the concrete surround of the grave of OLSEN, Yngve was relevelled  by GSGSSI Postal Officer and Handyman Hugh Marsden.

There is a photograph of Gunnar Langaas's funeral at Grytviken in 1959 in the 1999 book 'Hvalfangerskirken' by Svend Einar Hansen (ISBN 82-476-0109-5)

Many thanks (again) to Lex for spotting a description of a funeral in Ludwig Kohl-Larsen's 1930 book. This gives us enough evidence to confirm that Heikki Marilainen lies in the unmarked grave C2 at Grytviken.

Thanks to Howard Platt for a photograph showing Baron Edward 'Eddie' Shackleton visiting his father's grave in the early 1970s.