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Many thanks to correspondent Bente for some information from the Norwegian archives about Carl Edvardsen, buried in Ocean Harbour in 1920.

Wilhelm Filchner, leader of the German expedition that visited South Georgia with the Deutschland in 1911, describes the Grytviken Cemetery and the circumstances of the loss of Walter Slossarczyk in his book To the Sixth Continent.

Information in the book Pesca by Ian Hart, about Julius Isaksen, the first Norwegian to be buried in the cemetery at Grytviken, in 1906.

There are a couple of unmarked graves in the area of the first few graves in the cemetery, so he is most likley buried in grave B6 or B10.

The ashes of Bertie Leask were scattered off Hope Point on 5 August 2016.

Thanks to a relative for a photograph of the youngest daughter of James Hutchison, to add to the family photograph taken before she was born.